A girl enjoying one of our Summer Activities in Lakewood Montessori School.

Summer Activities That Are Fun & Education: Montessori Outside

Summer break is here in Houston, and while it's a time for relaxation and beating the heat, many parents are also looking for ways to keep their children's minds and bodies active. Here at Lakewood Montessori, we believe in fostering a love of learning that extends beyond the classroom. The good news is you can incorporate the Montessori Method into engaging summer activities right at home or outdoors, turning Houston into your very own learning playground!

Let's explore some creative ideas for a summer filled with Montessori magic, Houston style:

Sensory Play Summer Adventures in the Bayou City:

Discovery Green Paddle Power: Kinder Lake offers paddle boat rentals. This is a fantastic way for your child to develop gross motor skills while enjoying the serenity of the lake. Let them take the lead in steering the paddle boat and point out interesting sights along the way.

Beach Day Sensory Symphony: Take a trip to Galveston or a nearby beach. Let your children build sandcastles, wade in the shallows, and collect seashells of different shapes and sizes. This is a fun way to explore cause and effect while staying cool on a hot summer day.

Houston Museum of Natural Science Exploration: The HMNS offers a wealth of interactive exhibits that stimulate curiosity and exploration. Encourage your child to touch safe textures, examine dinosaur models, or participate in age-appropriate science experiments.

Practical Life Skills for Tiny Texans:

Farmers Market Helpers: Houston boasts many vibrant farmers markets. Let your child help you pick out fresh fruits and vegetables. Back home, involve them in washing and preparing the produce for a healthy and delicious meal.

DIY Car Wash at Home: Set up a car wash station in your driveway with buckets, sponges, and hoses (with adult supervision of course!). Let your child help wash the car alongside you. This is a practical life activity that builds confidence and motor skills, while keeping cool in the summer heat.

Kitchen Fiesta: Houston's culinary scene is renowned! Involve your child in safe and simple kitchen tasks like making guacamole with fresh ingredients or measuring ingredients for a Tex-Mex dish. This fosters independence, introduces cultural exploration through food, and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Open-Ended Art Creations with a Houston Flair:

Splash Pad Pollock: Houston has numerous splash pads perfect for beating the heat. Let your child run through the water streams, creating a symphony of movement and laughter.  This is a playful way to explore cause and effect, while staying cool in the summer sun.

Recycled Rocket Ship Creations: Houston is a space city! Collect recyclable materials like cardboard boxes, paper towel rolls, and plastic bottles. Use these materials to build a spaceship together and imagine blasting off to explore the universe.

Remember: The key to Montessori-inspired summer activities is to provide opportunities for exploration, discovery, and independent learning. Offer age-appropriate materials, be present to guide and answer questions, but most importantly, have fun together!

Bonus Tip: Encourage your child to document their summer adventures in Houston through photos or drawings. This creates a special record of their summer learning experiences and allows them to share their discoveries with their classmates upon their return to Lakewood Montessori.

By incorporating these fun and educational activities into your summer routine, you can keep your child engaged and learning. Houston offers a wealth of opportunities for exploration, so embrace the Montessori magic and create lasting summer memories together!

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