Kindergarten Montessori Program

The Harvest Year For Most Children

In Lakewood Montessori, kindergarten is the "harvest year" – a culmination of the careful planting and nurturing of intellectual seeds that have been sown during the preceding years in preschool. It's the stage where young learners genuinely begin to blossom, much like a bountiful harvest after seasons of cultivation. At our preschool, we understand the significance of this pivotal year and have designed our Montessori Kindergarten program to be the capstone of early childhood education.

During this transformative year, children's learning experiences explode into a rich tapestry of reading, writing, and mathematical exploration. Building upon the strong foundation we have cemented during the preschool years. Our Montessori Kindergarten program provides a nurturing environment where students engage in hands-on activities that facilitate their understanding of abstract concepts. Through our carefully crafted curriculum, children gain a wider breadth of knowledge and develop a deeper and more profound understanding of the subjects they encounter.

The earlier preparation in practical life and sensorial activities in the Montessori Kindergarten classroom now finds academic outlets. This unique approach ensures that our students acquire knowledge and possess the skills and comprehension to utilize this knowledge in meaningful ways. At our Montessori School in Houston, we are committed to fostering a love of learning and empowering children to become independent thinkers, setting them on a lifelong path of intellectual curiosity and success. Explore how our Montessori Kindergarten program can nurture your child's growth and curiosity, ultimately preparing them for a bright future filled with academic achievements and self-motivated exploration.

Kindergartener Doing Montessori Work

Enhancing Intellectual Pursuits During Your Child's Journey

At Lakewood Montessori, we believe in providing an enriching and transformative Montessori Kindergarten experience that enhances your child's intellectual pursuits and sets them on a path to lifelong learning. The Montessori Method is the cornerstone of our approach, guiding each child's journey toward academic excellence and personal growth.

Your child's intellectual pursuits take center stage in the Montessori classroom. It's a year where their curiosity is nurtured, their natural love for learning is fortified, and their academic capabilities flourish. Through the Montessori curriculum, which seamlessly integrates practical life and sensorial activities with advanced academic concepts, your child gains a deeper understanding of subjects like reading, writing, and mathematics and the ability to apply this knowledge in meaningful ways.

Our dedicated Montessori teachers create an environment where your child is encouraged to explore, ask questions, and think critically. They become active participants in their education, learning to seek answers independently and developing a true passion for learning. This holistic approach to Montessori Kindergarten ensures that your child's intellectual pursuits extend far beyond the classroom, empowering them to become self-motivated, confident learners who excel academically and embrace a lifelong journey of intellectual curiosity. Discover how our Montessori Kindergarten program can catalyze your child's bright academic future.

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