Montessori Programs for Infants (12 months to 18)

We here at Lakewood Montessori School offer 2 sets of programs for Infants who are ready to attend a Montessori education. We start our infants from Six weeks of age until they are walking. This usually tends to fall around 12 to 18 months of age. You can start learning about our programs and how we separate them from younger infant groups to older infant groups. We do this to supply the amount of sleep and childcare they will need once they start from the very beginning. We know that a child's growth is rapid in their infancy, so we take this approach very carefully before giving them tons of knowledge.

So let's show you our set of programs and what we got to offer from each one.

Younger Montessori Infant Program

(6 weeks-when, they start to walk):

We focus on movement and visual/tactile stimulation in the younger infant program. This program is designed to meet the needs of infants from six weeks of age until they are walking. Infants are encouraged to crawl. In addition to maximum movement, the young infant experiences visual and tactile stimulation. The environment promotes movement and independence.

Older Montessori Infant Program

(When they start to walk-18 months):

The older infant program is designed for walking infants from 12-17 months. The older infants begin to display independence by insisting on doing everything alone. They love to put things together and take them apart, so large piece puzzles and age-appropriate toys are part of the environment.

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