“I can’t even tell you how special our experience at LMS has been over the last 7 years. I look back and see nothing short of a life-changing experience for both of our children inside the classrooms at Lakewood. The intellectual development, the social development and the pure joy that both kids experienced is exactly what we dreamed would happen when we first walked through the tour with Belinda. If we could keep Avery with you for even one more year of schooling we would do it in a heartbeat, but know that she is more than well prepared for what lies ahead.

You have all done such an amazing job at cultivating a stellar team of educators and care-givers and providing our children with the warmest and most nurturing environment possible… loving and guiding them through some of the most tender and influential years of their lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you have given to our family and the impact you continue to make in our community.

Every chance I get I will sing your praises and do my best to guide more families through your doors. I look forward to coming in to say good-bye in a few weeks and then of course, making a homecoming visit during the Fall Festival.

If I can ever offer a personal testimony to a family that is investigating the benefits of enrolling, please send them my way! ”
– Lauren and Lee Grumbles

“Both our children are LMS graduates. They have excellent communication and social skills. They are pulling As and Bs in advanced classes in school. We owe their success in large part to the outstanding programs at LMS.”
– Joe and Kathy Hoch

“I feel like I’m a walking billboard for your school. Everyone who knows me is aware of how much I appreciate Lakewood. Missy and I feel blessed that we found Lakewood Montessori. Over the last 12 years we have had 3 children progress through Lakewood’s Montessori program. Our oldest 2 daughters are not only straight A students but leaders in their classes; our son is still enjoying his time at Lakewood.”
– Mike Ziemer

“My two sons attended Lakewood Montessori. We found Lakewood Montessori to have the most dedicated and caring educators that we have had the privilege to encounter.”
– Amy Taylor

“After transferring into elementary school from LMS, my son was reading at a 3rd grade level while his peers were still practicing their ABCs. When I leave my daughter at LMS I know she is loved, cared for and completely safe.”
– Susan Richardson

“Our oldest daughter started going to school at 6 months and our twins at 3 months old. They love it and always walk out with a smile on their faces. From infant to toddler and finally primary the teaching staff at LMS is outstanding.”
– Mark and Laurel Ranney

“If your priority is a best in class education for your child that is administered by a professional team who is warm, caring and committed to your child’s success, Lakewood Montessori is the clear choice.”
– Brian and Jane Lakatos

“It was my first son’s 4th private school and as it turns out the best. The children are graciously encouraged daily in each classroom. We placed all our children at LMS and each has an outstanding devoted, certified Montessori instructor yielding exceptional results.”
– The Ziskrouts

“Choosing Lakewood for our son is one of the best decisions we’ve made. The staff and teachers truly go above and beyond to provide a safe, happy, and nurturing environment for the children. We have been most impressed by the quality of the curriculum and level of instruction that our son has received over the last 3 years. Everyone on the Lakewood team has been phenomenal. With their support, his growth both emotionally and academically has been absolutely incredible. We are also happy to report that our daughter has recently started, and we are confident that we will be just as pleased!”
– Amie Wilson