Graduation Ceremony 2024

Witness our little graduates receive their medals and sing their class songs joyfully. This milestone marks the culmination of their journey at Lakewood Montessori School Houston and the beginning of a new adventure as they step into a new stage for their education and growth.

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Lakewood Montessori graduates throwing their caps in the air.
A preschooler learning numbers at Lakewood Montessori - A Montessori School Houston

What Sets Us Apart

Our preschoolers are reading! Our Kindergarten students have an average reading score in the top one percentile in the nation, among students entering the First grade.

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“My two sons attended Lakewood Montessori. We found Lakewood Montessori to have the most dedicated and caring educators that we have had the privilege to encounter.”

– Amy Taylor


“I feel like I’m a walking billboard for your school. Everyone who knows me is aware of how much I appreciate Lakewood. Missy and I feel blessed that we found Lakewood Montessori...”

– Mike Ziemer


“After transferring into elementary school from LMS, my son was reading at a 3rd grade level while his peers were still practicing their ABCs...”

– Susan Richardson

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Our mission

Lakewood Montessori School Houston has a mission to nurture children in a child-centered setting that fosters the growth of confident, caring, and successful students.  Academics are introduced through Dr. Montessori’s didactic materials, which lay the groundwork for abstract thinking and the development of early readers. Lakewood Montessori students learn how to think, how to read, and how to learn.

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