Montessori Pre School Programs

The curriculum includes:

Practical Life

Practical life is the ability to take care of yourself and your environment. Practical life teaches your child the essential lessons of following procedures, practicing preciseness, working through to the end and finishing well—all essential elements for succeeding in life. The indirect aim of these exercises is the preparation for writing and reading.

Sensorial Activities

The training of your child’s senses is the brilliant, yet simple, discovery of Dr. Montessori and her observation of the “sensitive periods” in a child’s development. A sensitive period is when a child can almost effortlessly master a concept of learning. The exercises of sight and sound, color and dimension are all being addressed and refined as the child explores the unique apparatus in the Montessori environment.


Montessori’s unique approach of teaching writing before reading is still revolutionary even after a hundred years. The combination of a phonics base with the methodical development of writing skills (thanks to practical life) allows your child the joy of discovering the hidden meaning in words and to become great readers and writers.


Montessori math materials start with the concrete. The materials are designed to give your child a solid understanding of the relationships of numbers and their functions long before progressing to the abstract applications. After the concepts have become solid your child may rapidly proceed to master not only addition and subtraction but often multiplication.

Cultural subjects

Montessori education opens the whole world up to your child with fascinating hands-on exercises in geography, botany, zoology, earth and physical science.


The young child acquires the sounds of language effortlessly. The ear is attuned. The mind is engaged and words are released one by one into phrases, sentences and conversations.


Computers are tools of the present—even for preschoolers as they learn basic operations to allow them access to the many math, language and science programs in the school’s software library.


The happy voices of singing children fill Lakewood with music and song. Music becomes “thinking in sound.” The students give a holiday concert each year and provide music for the end-of-year program.

Physical Activity

Children are created to move whether it is in the classroom with deliberate controlled movements, or on the playground with abandon. Physical activity is an essential element in a child’s growth and development.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Include art, story drama, educational videos, board games, educational computer programs, music, movement, Kid Fit (age appropriate sports activities) and Spanish Club.